What to expect from your cricket apparel.

What to expect from your cricket apparel.

When it comes to cricket apparel, we all want to feel good and perform at our optimal level. We also need to be cool and comfortable on the field of play so how is this achieved? The Shane Warne PROJECT’s (SW23) new cricket apparel range has the answers. 

Research shows that what you wear really does have an impact on performance.

The puzzle is made up of many pieces but comfort in trying conditions is the most obvious issue. The ability to stay cool and comfortable with lightweight gear will take you further than you ever thought possible. And the reason? It’s simple – when you have control of how you feel you are unconsciously in a better mental state to affect the physical attributes needed to play at your best. In other words, if you think you can play better you probably can!

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A summer sport, cricket is played in tough conditions - mostly long, hot days in the field and often wearing cumbersome batting equipment. Surely it makes sense then to ensure the rest of your gear works for you, and with you. Indeed, it makes no sense wearing a cricket shirt that is made of non-breathable material as this is going to restrict the release of heat from your body. This results in excessive heating and discomfort that will cut short your performance and energy levels, and bring on fatigue so much quicker.

While stylish and comfortable, the success of the SW23 range is its ability to allow cricketer’s of all levels to play without over-thinking. It’s as simple as that. Once you start thinking about how you’re feeling, or how uncomfortable you are, you’ve been clean bowled! Ultimately, performance levels will drop while anxiety rises. Not a good combination.

Shane Warne and his SW23 cricket range aims to change all of that…

As the world’s greatest spin bowler, and one of the game’s elite thinkers, Shane Warne has worked hard to introduce innovative elements to the new SW23 range he believes are imperative for performing at your best. Shane wanted 100% input into the design and specification of all garments, something he thoroughly enjoyed. Importantly, his goal for SW23 from the beginning was to bring three things; innovation, quality and comfort.

Yes, you will feel better wearing a Shane Warne (SW23) cricket trouser, shirt or cap but it has to offer so much more than an association with Shane. Luckily it does. SW23 is revolutionising cricket and the sporting apparel landscape.

Significant points of difference:

  • Lightweight and technical fabrics: easy to wear, removes moisture and reduces odour
  • Innovative design features such as wide angled pockets: reduces the risk of catching fingers or the ball on pockets 
  • Batting specific cricket trousers: lighter weight fabric, small sized pockets, tapered leg leading to a tapered elastic cuff, ventilated front pad and lower back areas
  • Breathable mesh and ventilation hotspots: keeps you cool to reduce sweat and increase comfort
  • Split finish on trouser and shirt side panels: stylish finish for better garment hang
  • All while retaining major elements of style and comfort 

        cricket gear  ‘I’ve always wanted my own cricket range but it had to be distinctive, offering something different to everyone else. SW23 has developed great cricket, training and casual gear from scratch, changing the apparel landscape around the world. Have a look and I will let you decide.’ Shane Warne (June 2018)